Our Platform

Digitol can be configured out-of-the-box as a complete ERP system or built over time as a series of standalone products. The platform has been developed to provide smaller businesses with technology comparable to that routinely used by larger companies. In so doing, the scale of the typical competitive disadvantage is reduced, and the business is empowered to focus on building awareness in its local market and to leverage the elements of its value proposition where it has a competitive advantage.

Improving an Online Profile

The Digitol service has been configured to provide each of the elements required to improve an online profile and, over time, to develop an omnichannel presence. This strategy underpins the effort to compete successfully with the dominant online companies that otherwise threaten the long-term survival of many smaller businesses.

The Technology Platform

Our technology platform has been developed to overcome the vendor constraint handicaps associated with legacy technology platforms. Today, the dealer must wait for the wholesaler to add products and categories to their offering before expanding their product offering. Our vision has been driven by building a solution that eliminates dependence on the vendor and technology providers and enables the independent reseller to retake control of its business.

Eliminating Constraints

By partnering with a global syndicated eContent provider, the Digitol platform can accommodate products from an expanded range of categories. In provisioning such a platform, the constraints on broadening the reseller's offering become the breadth of its vendor base and its ability to sell a broader range of product categories. Most importantly, however, the legacy technology constraint to broadening those horizons will have been eliminated.

Developing an Omnichannel Presence

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