Office Products & Furniture Dealers

Suppose you're a dealer already selling a mix of Office Products and Furniture. In that case, you probably have vendor accounts with suppliers such as Essendant, SP Richards, Hon, Lesro, Coe, Fireking, etc.

If this is the case, you probably struggle with a legacy ECi product such as DDMS or Britannia and face restrictions presenting a consolidated product catalog to your customers.

The "Vendor-Agnostic" subscription service from Digitol has been designed to enable dealers to control the content, promotions, and products they wish to offer their clients. It has been developed to handle legacy requirements, including multiple cost files from single vendors, customer price plans, and channel pricing (healthcare, education, government, etc.).

More importantly, the platform has been designed to transform the B2B e-commerce experience by eliminating friction points when presenting customers with a vast range of products from which they may lack the product knowledge to consistently and confidently make the best selection.

Furthermore, most independent dealers have insufficient web traffic to turn their e-commerce portals into a source of leads that may eventually lead to new business.

  • Lacking traffic can be a significant constraint for developing a dealer's business.
  • The traffic hurdle cannot be overcome without providing customers with a transformative user experience.
  • The Digitol platform has been developed to provide that transformative experience.

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